Are you a savvy young professional woman wondering “is this it”…?

Perhaps you are a motivated high achiever who has been so busy working
you have misplaced your life along the way…?

Or maybe you are just a wonderful women who wants more direction…?

Mint Coaching is a boutique practise specialising in life coaching for motivated
professional women who are looking to make meaningful changes in their life.

As a mentor and coach to women for nearly two decades Katie Gallagher of
Mint Coaching has supported 100’s of vibrant and motivated women to live
their life with clarity and purpose.

Is it time you were one of these women?

Is it time you were living your own authentic life?

Take a browse around my site and discover which mint resource will best support
you to live a purposeful life. Try my Free Mint Intensive e-Course to get you started.

Thanks for visiting mint and please contact me if you have any questions
or just to share the love.

Katie G.

Certfied ICF Coach – ACC, Coach U Graduate
Bachelor of Science (Health Promotions)
“The Life Coach for Britsh Morning TV Show GMTV’s Inch Loss Down Under!”